Travel industry balks at vaccination proposals

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Covid cases and vaccinations

Total dose administered: 4.4 billion

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  • The number of aftershocks of Covid-19, or Rs, in the UK has fallen sharply Check for other evidence that the latest wave of infection has passed its peak

  • Norwegian Cruise Line Reports Strong Demand in 2022, Preparing to Sail to the United States for the First Time in 500 Days

  • United Airlines became the first U.S. airline to require vaccination of its employees

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UK decision to ease restrictions on international travel on Thursday, in particular to end forced quarantine Arrival from France – Already urging Rapid increase in holiday bookings Desperate to capture the summer sun of the British.

But more important than tweaking the UK’s “traffic light” system, which specifies which countries can be visited safely, vaccination “forever” Requirements for overseas travel. The United States is believed to be considering such a move. All foreign visitors.

The global travel industry has been bullish in recent years. Airlines when the cruise line I’m surprised at the idea. The World Travel and Tourism Council said: “We will create an effective ‘exclusion zone’ ‘in the vast regions of the world’.

The outlook for business travel is even more uncertain as many companies question its value due to the increase in video conferencing during pandemics and growing criticism of environmental costs. NS A new report from Deloitte suggests domestic business travel to the United States will increase significantly later this year as the return to office life accelerates, but well below pre-pandemic standards.

On the other hand, the economy that depends on the second tourism industry was wrecked. According to the World Tourism Organization, global arrivals from abroad in the first five months of the year are down 85% from 2019.

The region most affected was the Asia-Pacific region, which plunged 95%. that is, tourists’ dollars were depleted and they were hit by a severe currency crisis which led to a “balance of payments shock”.

The countries most at risk are smaller and less diversified economies, such as the Bahamas, Maldives and Fiji, where there are few alternatives to tourism and where reduced bookings exacerbate existing problems. On the other hand, high-middle-class countries can benefit from the fact that vacationers choose to take a vacation from home, at least this year.

Mondial economy

Official data showed 943,000 jobs in the United States Created in July as the national unemployment rate fell to 5.4%.

There were more signs Economic recovery In the UK, retail data for July showed 28% lower footfall than the same month in 2019. bank of england Yesterday showed that a “moderate tightening of monetary policy” is underway. Control inflation. Labor market, Especially if the staff shortage persists Higher interest rates ..


American companies Based on evidence from the second quarter earnings season, it has recovered significantly from the pandemic and is 86% above earnings expectations. However, the share price is not moving at the same time – a sign that investors may view the earnings as unsustainable.

Tips for this legendary designer Giorgio Armani Can be sold to highlight how the pandemic is unfolding Shaken the luxury sector, writes Paris correspondent Leila Abboud. “The big change is the recognition that it will be very difficult for some groups to do it on their own,” said a buyout official. “It’s not just a pandemic. Things are going a lot faster and brands have a lot less time to adapt.

Better news from fitness studios in New York, London and Los Angeles. These have been hit by a pandemic and are filling up again. Gym industry Revive .. The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association found that 22% of all fitness facilities were completely closed during the pandemic, resulting in a total loss of $ 29.2 billion in industry revenue between March 2020 and June 2021. I guess there is.


Global bond prices Fallen in the News Rising US Jobs And What Does This Mean For The Fed’s Stimulus Package? Equity markets in the United States and Europe continued to perform well after soaring corporate profits on both sides of the Atlantic.

The lively beginnings of a barbecue maker Weber Despite the popularity of outdoor dining due to pandemics, this is a possible sign of the latter. Cooling down of the IPO market. This follows other stock offerings that were postponed in the last few days or that were under-traded on the first day.

Glencore Become the last mining company to benefit from soaring commodity prices, reported a record six-month profit and said it would return another $ 1.2 billion to shareholders. The demand for raw materials such as copper, zinc and smoldering coal is increasing due to the global economic recovery and government stimulus measures.

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Comment by Cyber_naut Scammers are exploiting the surge in online activity to target young victims:

The fact that young people are more affected makes a lot of sense simply because they are more connected and therefore more exposed. Older people are often less used to technology and tend to be slower and more careful. This goes against the sense of urgency / friendliness that many of these scams try to exploit.

Another idea is that all young people are some kind of internet ninja. It’s not. Knowing how to tweet doesn’t mean someone is “tech-savvy,” and the average young man is less likely to find better signs of phishing email than someone twice his age. .. Keep in mind that most of the men and women who created the basic technology to do all of this now are quite old.

Final idea

Even before the last century of pandemics, vital statistics and cultural changes resulted in an increase in the number of people experienced loneliness. Literary critic Mia Levitin wrote in a review of three new books on this subject: “Making Meaningful Connections in Modern Life. ”

Extract from Kristen Ratke
Extract from “Seek You” by Kristen Radtke © Courtesy of the Panthéon

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Travel industry balks at vaccination proposals Source link Travel industry balks at vaccination proposals

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