Underwater photography wins international award


Noosa photographer Liz Harlin won a Silver Award at the 2021 Asia Pacific Photography Awards for her ethereal underwater portrayal of a pregnant woman.

Organized by the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography, the Asia Pacific Photography Awards celebrate and promote the diversity of photographic genres around the world.

Liz’s award was in the Maternity category, a genre that has become immensely popular in recent years as more and more pregnant women want portraits of their bodies in its beautiful but fleeting form. Photographing these moments underwater takes the genre to the next level.

“My clients are celebrating a remarkable milestone in their life and they want meaningful artwork that they can display in their homes and share with their unborn child,” said Liz.

“Underwater maternity photoshoots are definitely all the rage – even Beyonce, who can pretty much afford anything she wants, has chosen to immortalize her pregnancy with an underwater maternity photoshoot. “

Australia has experienced a COVID-19 mini baby boom which in turn has spurred demand for maternity and family photographs. The pandemic ended normalcy in 2020-2021, and shifting priorities have led many couples to start families sooner than they initially expected.

The pandemic has also led to an increase in demand for novel experiments. With restrictions on travel, dining out, and traditional entertainment, people looked for new ways to make memories with loved ones.

“An underwater portrait experience is a break from the everyday, a chance to experience something you’ve never done before,” said Liz.

“My clients come to the Pool Studio to create memories and artwork.”

Liz’s maternity client Jamie chose to display the award-winning portrait in the family living room.

“I loved being pregnant,” Jamie said, “so this portrait is a lovely reminder of how much I enjoyed that time. It’s beautiful to look at, it makes me proud to have survived the pregnancy and childbirth And the photoshoot itself was such an amazing experience in itself, I highly recommended it.

In her specially designed pool studio in Noosa, Liz creates artistic underwater portraits that celebrate family, milestones, transformations and love.

For more information, visit lizharlin.com


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