Upcoming novelist abandons his first publication


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Talent Chimutambgi Youth Interactive Writer

In an effort to show off his talent, rising 22-year-old author Takudzwa Mugaviri has published his first book which he hopes to launch next month.

Speaking to The Herald Youth Interactive, Mugaviri said his book titled “Back To The Drawing Board” was the manual for individuals and businesses who are serious about planning and achieving the best results in the future.

Mugaviri, who dropped out of Fujian Medical University in China after failing to secure a tuition fee, said the book was portable in size only to serve its purpose.

“I wrote the book with a specific focus and its content shows the same, particularly on how to lead outwardly from a personal perspective and make achievable plans that can help achieve goals. different levels, from the individual level to the organizational level, ”Mugaviri said.

“This is my first book and the first edition. It’s an address to people who are in a position to make tough decisions and to those who want to change their lifestyle by achieving more. The book is small at 106 pages with selected information compressed only for the purpose of the book which is to educate people to come up with workable plans that will save them in the future, ”he said.

He said the book was released this month, insisting he was quite optimistic that the world would benefit from the content.

“I hope to become a famous author who will one day make a living from art. This book is just the tip of an iceberg. I aspire to be one of the biggest winners in the near future. My main goal is to attract as many readers as possible, ”Mugaviri said.

“As we approach the end of each year, we start to set goals and plans. Plans for the nation which include the national budget, plans for businesses and businesses as well as individuals, most of these goals are not due to how we structure and approach them to achieve them. “Back to the Drawing Board” is a guide to leadership and goal achievement using achievable plans that help you stay focused throughout the process, ”he said.

Mugaviri said it took him four months to write the book without any help from other people.

He said he had conceived the desire to be an author sometime ago but thought it was a difficult task.

“I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I thought it was difficult. I even went to YouTube for ideas, which wasn’t really a good idea for me at the time because I couldn’t find my domain. In 2019 I tried to write a novel that I got stuck after writing ten pages, ”Mugaviri said.

He said he was inspired by the late Bahamian evangelist Dr Myles Munroe.

“Dr. Myles Munroe has always had his statement about emptying you out of the world and giving all your talents and gifts set me on this path.

“Most of the examples given in the book are my past experiences, but other references to great world leaders like Nelson Mandela were also mentioned in the pages of the drawing board,” Mugaviri said.


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