Which dinosaurs would be the Avengers?

Jurassic League is on the horizon and fans are clamoring to see how their favorite DC superhero will appear in the reimagined world. However, Marvel fans undoubtedly feel left out. Although Marvel’s Other Worlds are often set in other eras, the number of times Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have become dinosaurs is miserably low. Given the obvious need for this storyline, here are the Avengers not as “The Savage Avengers” of old, but as the dinosaurs they should be. Marvel, it’s a totally free idea whenever it’s needed.

Captain America: The Four Ton Shield

The Star-Spangled Man with a Plan must be a real American dinosaur, and Pachyrhinosaurus perotorum are in Alaska, which matters. Ceratopsians have towering shield-like frills like that of the triceratops. Pachyrhinosaurus is unique in that it lacks a facial horn. This means the four-ton beast is a perfect saurian version of Steve Rogers’ signature shield. These creatures are theorized to have charged to attack, which is perfect for Cap’s telltale “leading from the front line” style.

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Iron Man would naturally be the smartest armored dinosaur

The smartest dinosaurs were about as smart as a songbird, so portraying a super-genius is a bit difficult, to say the least. However, Tarchia teresae, “the big brain”, receives the distinction “close enough”. An armored dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous, the Mongol Beast was armored and had a larger than average brain cavity. This makes him relatively smart. These aspects make the bold beast the perfect carapace-covered genius playboy billionaire philanthropist.

Bruce Banner and the Hulk would, naturally, be a mixed brute

Brontosaurus is now its own genus, but the original ten-ton beast was a fragmentary assemblage of at least three different species. Given that Brontosaurus is a sauropod, it was an unintelligent creature with a towering mass and far-reaching fame. Since it’s multiple creatures living in the same body with a massive frame, tiny brain, and a propensity for leaving giant craters in its wake, the original Brontosaurus excelsus is a brilliant portrayal of the not-so-cheerful green giant, The Incredible Hulk.

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Wolverine’s claws make his scaly rendition a slice of cake

Many dinosaurs compete for the role of Wolverine. His gruff demeanor looks very ceratopsian to those who have watched The land before time as children. Its small size is reminiscent of the dinosaurs of the island of Haţeg, dwarfed beyond recognition. Ultimately, however, the X-Man, Avenger, and member of the Fantastic Four is best represented by his claws. Where we talk about dinosaur claws, we talk about Therizinosaurus cheloniformis. Named “Scythe Lizard”, the beast possessed three-foot claws at the end of massive arms. Although initially thought to be a theropod like the T-Rex, its status as a herbivore was discovered and it was reclassified accordingly. An aggressive mutant theropod with signature claws could only be Howlett himself, the Wolverine.

Thor brings the hammer… if not the brain

Two things define Thor: blond hair flowing over the armor representing his status as a warrior, and his hammer, Mjolnir. However, a man’s carcass has never been known for his intelligence, so Ankylosaurus magniventris‘Less than stellar brain capacity is good. Equipped with a famous hammer-like tail and warrior armor, the beast is a perfect representation of the god of thunder. Also, thunder abilities would barely fossilize. So, there’s always the distinct possibility that the creature is adapting to Thor’s shocking abilities. We can hope, at least.

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Mr. Fantastic’s Prehistoric Version Is A Bit Overdone

Technically, Reed Richards’ creature of choice isn’t a dinosaur. It is a long-extinct ancient underwater reptile of gargantuan proportions. However, when a stretching character matches an ancient creature as well as Mr. Fantastic matches Elasmosaurus platyurus, exceptions are made. The plesiosaur had a long neck to reach clouds of fish. This extensibility perfectly evokes Reed Richard’s own abilities.

The Scarlet Witch is a ceratopsian with a twist

Another shield-headed dinosaur, mercuriceratops gemini is absolutely perfect for Wanda Maximoff. Her distinctive M-shaped frill echoes her own headdress, and her species distinction, “gemini,” means “twin.” It’s perfect for a twin and a mother of twins like Wanda. Almost all Mercuriceratops paleoart includes a bright rendition of the creature’s flywheel. Much like the Scarlet Witch’s mystical style, this four-ton beast is interpreted as both powerful and fashionable. Science still can’t deny that it had the ability to distort reality, which is probably another victory.

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Ghost Rider like all dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous.

See, when the asteroid hit, lots of dinosaurs burst into flames and turned into flaming skeletons. Too early? Too early.

Ultimately, the wide variation in dinosaur species is almost enough to match the Marvel Multiverse. With new species being discovered every year, the time for the emergence of the world’s most fearsome heroes is near. Saving the day can only be better against the backdrop of the million-year-old saurian Avengers.

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Is Marvel's New Doomsday Weapon More Powerful Than The Infinity Gauntlet?

Is Marvel’s New Doomsday Weapon More Powerful Than The Infinity Gauntlet?

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