Why Lily Collins defends her character of Emily in Paris


Lily Collins disagrees with some of viewers’ opinions about her character “Emily in Paris”. “A lot of Emily’s qualities, if you put them on paper, would seem so boring,” she told Nylon. “To have someone upbeat, bright and bubbly – it’s sad to think people would look and say, ‘That’s a lot. “These are such beautiful qualities, and the fact that she can associate that with being vulnerable, asking for help and making mistakes, she is not foolproof.”

“I think it’s an exacerbated reality for Emily, moving to Paris, and what she’s going through and what she sees,” she added. “It’s just that when you put them all together on a TV show that also looks like the aesthetic, it’s a little less believable.”

In the meantime, the show has also been presented for its representation of some cultures, especially the Ukrainian people. “In ‘Emily in Paris’ we have a caricature of a Ukrainian woman which is unacceptable,” Ukrainian Culture Minister Oleksandr Tkachenko said, calling it “offensive” and inaccurate (according to CNN). “In the 1990s and 2000s, Ukrainians were mostly described as gangsters,” he continued. “Over time that has changed. However, not in this case.”


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