Why Stephen King didn’t care if 1408 flopped

Stephen King has a unique approach to his film adaptation projects. According to The Guardian, King only charges $1 when granting the rights to a project and must approve the writer, director and main cast. His concern is for the creation rather than the ultimate success of his adaptations. In an interview with Lilja’s Library, King reinforced this. Asked about the potential for the film adaptation of his short story “1408,” King said:

“So maybe it’s a hit and it’s great. But let’s assume it’s junk. Then it’s gone in two weeks. And that’s the end. But I’m still just interested. I approach it as a fan and I know there are writers who, what can I say, they hover above things, the book is their little baby and in some cases I can relate to that .”

King went on to explain that because he’s written so many books, he’s not concerned with the success of the film adaptations. And for good reason: every King movie from now on could fail (and there have been many) and it wouldn’t affect his status as the quintessential horror writer of our time. Despite its apathy toward “1408,” the film delivered, even with its similarities to another iconic King film adaptation.

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