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The official website for the anime TV adaptation of Rui tsukiyo and Reia‘s The world’s best assassin reincarnates in a different world as an aristocrat (Sekai Saikō no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei SuruThe Light Novels revealed information on the show’s theme song on Friday. Yui Ninomiya will perform the opening theme song “Dark Seeks Light” and Aira Yuki will perform the ending theme song “A Promise”.

The anime will premiere in October after a July delay. Crisp will broadcast the series as it is released.

The show will feature:

Masafumi tamura (Grandson of the sage, The Demon King’s Misfit Academy, Two cars) directs the anime to SILVER LINK and Workshop pallet, and Katsuhiko Takayama (Two cars, Virgin Angel, Newspaper of the future) writes and supervises the scripts for the series. Eri Nagata (Ensemble Stars!, Blade and soul) designs the characters.

Yen Press publishes the novels in English and describes the story:

When a great assassin is reborn in another world, he finds himself heir to a long line of shadow killers. With both his modern knowledge and experience and the magic and special techniques of this new world, he could very well become the most unstoppable assassin in history…!

Tsukiyo started serialization the story on the site “Shōsetsuka ni Narō” (Let’s Become Novelists) in July 2018. Kadokawa began to publish the story in printed volumes with illustrations by Reia in February 2019.

Hamao sumeragi spear a manga adaptation in Kadokawa‘s Young Ace Up manga site in January 2019. Yen Press also publishes the manga in English.

Sources: The world’s best assassin reincarnates in a different world as an aristocrat the animated ones website, MoCa News

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